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The “3 Key MTS Formula” Will Help You To Generate Sales & High-Ticket Closing And Increase Consistent Cash-Flow...
For Your Freelancing, Agency & Consulting Business. Even If You Have ZERO knowledge About Sales & Marketing.

( Step by Step Breakdown in Masterclass Replay Below )

Total Value You Are Getting -  ₹3,94,000/-

Regular Price - ₹30,000/-

Exclusive Limited Time Masterclass Discounted Price Cash ₹9,997/-

₹9,997 Today

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*This is an All Inclusive Purchase. No Upsells or any other purchase is required.*

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Here's What You Will Get

Sales & High-Ticket Closing Machine
(₹1,90,000/- Value)

📚 Your Step By Step Guide To Become A High-Ticket Closer 
(VALUE - ₹35,000/-)
📚 MTS Formula - Sniper Methods For Sales & High Ticket Closing
(VALUE - ₹75,000/-)
📚 L3 High-Ticket Closing Framework
(VALUE - ₹25,000/-)
📚 Customer Retention Strategies 
(VALUE - ₹15,000/-)
📚 Organizational Strategy 
(VALUE - ₹15,000/-)
📚 Personal Growth Mentor Support -1 Year
(VALUE - ₹25,000/-)
📚 Lifetime Access & Community Support 
📚Accountability & Tracking
📚 Tasks
📚 Assignments
📚 Worksheets


Exclusive Bonuses When You Enroll Today

Exclusive Bonus #1 - Freelancing To Agency Mastery
(₹41,000/- Value)

📚 Process For Setting Up An Agency or Freelance
📚 Skills Must be Needed to Succeed in Freelancing
📚 63 Popular Freelancing Options Are In High Demand
📚 Client Acquisition Process
📚 Follow-Up | Follow-Up | Follow-Up
📚 Cold Emails/ Cold Calling
📚 Portfolio Management
📚 1000 + Organic Lead Generation
📚 Creating Audit Report For Client
📚 Onboarding Process
📚 Tools
📚 Service Delivery Process
📚 6 Steps To Start Asset Light Digital Agency
📚 1 Cr. Action Plan For The Beginners


Exclusive Bonus #2 - Meta Facebook Ads Mastery
(₹29,000/- Value)

📚 Facebook™ Latest Strategy For 2023
📚 Sell Any Digital Products Or Services Via Facebook™ Ads
📚 Finding The Best Close Capable Leads On Facebook™
📚 Get In Front Of Your Targeted Customers
📚 Proven Framework For Scaling Facebook™ Ads
📚 Ninja TG Methods For Running Profitable Ads On Facebook™
📚 Learn How To Deal With iOS 14.5 Update
📚 No More Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing
📚 Learn The Methods To Scale Any Business 7 To 9 Figures Business
📚 Get in More Customers & Clients Regularly
📚 Setting Up And Scaling Any Business Digitally


Exclusive Bonus #3 - Funnel Building Mastery
(₹29,000/- Value)

📚 Setting Up Your Irresistible Offer
📚 Learn To Set Up A Value Escalator For Customers
📚 Learn To Craft The Right Funnel For Your Business/Service
📚 Converting The Leads Into Sales
📚 Learn To Optimise Your Processes And Funnel For Massive Scaling
📚 Increasing The Average Order Value Per Sales
📚 Increasing The Lifetime Customer Value
📚 Local Business Funnel
📚 Elements Of Top Money-Making Sales Funnel
📚 Advanced Funnel-Logic & Funnel Automation


Exclusive Bonus #4 - Email Marketing & Automation Mastery
(₹29,000/- Value)

📚 Cold Email Marketing Strategy
📚 Automated Email Sequence Setup Strategy
📚 Email Marketing Hacks
📚 Email Marketing 101
📚 Crush Campaign
📚 Email Broadcasts
📚 Tools for Sending Bulk Emails
📚 Business Automation


Exclusive Bonus #5 - Landing Page Design Mastery
(₹19,000/- Value)

📚 Step-By-Step Guide On How To Design High Converting Landing Page
📚Landing Page Design Is Not Just About Designing Skills. It's All About Strategy


Exclusive Bonus #6 - Business Growth Tool Kit
(₹19,000/- Value)

📚 Contract And Agreement
📚 Website Privacy Policy
📚 Accountant Agreement
📚 Employee Offer Letter
📚 Contractor/Freelancer Agreement
📚 Freelance Contract
📚 Service Level Agreement
📚 Installment Payment Agreement
📚 Intern Offer Letter
📚 Sales Proposal
📚 Employment Agreement
📚 Partnership Agreement
📚 Total 51 Plus Templets.


Exclusive Bonus #7 - Niche Validation Strategy
(₹19,000/- Value)

📚 This Course Is For Those Who Do Not Have Niche Clarity.
📚 How To Craft Your Positioning
📚 This Program Will Help You Find Out Your Niche And Micro-Niche As Well
📚 With This Program, You Will Know Which Online Business Segment You Should Start.
📚 You Will Get More Than 500 Ideas To Validate Your Niche


Exclusive Bonus #8 - Live Q&A Session
(₹19,000/- Value)

📚 We Will Provide Live Q&A To Give You Hand-Holding Support.


Sales & High-Ticket Closing Machine & Bonuses

  • Sales & High-Ticket Closing Machine (Value - ₹1,90,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #1 - Freelancing To Agency Mastery (Value - ₹41,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 - Meta Facebook Ads Mastery (Value - ₹29,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 - Funnel Building Mastery (Value - ₹29,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #4 - Email Marketing & Automation Mastery (Value - ₹29,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #5 - Landing Page Design Mastery (Value - ₹19,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #6 - Business Growth Tool Kit (Value - ₹19,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #7 - Niche Validation Strategy (Value - ₹19,000)
  • Exclusive Bonus #8 - Live Q&A Session (Value - ₹19,000)

Total Value You Are Getting -  ₹3,94,000/-

Regular Price - ₹30,000/-

Exclusive Limited Time Masterclass Discounted Price Cash ₹9,997/-

₹9,997 Today

₹20,003/- Discount Coupon Pre-Applied )

Here's Why You Need It

If you think wisely, to succeed In online Business here Are the Most Important things that are required:

🟢 Sales & High-Ticket Closing

🚀 Let's talk about Sales & High-Ticket Closing

Out of 100, 94% of businesses fail Within 2 Years of starting Because they are not able to sale Their product or services.

As a business owner you must understand sales and high ticket closing is the only key to scale up You business.

You may be an expert in any field, But if you don't know how to sale you won't be able to generate Cash-Flow Consistently

So you must know sales and High-Ticket Closing.

It doesn't matter you are A Freelancer, An Agency owner, And A consultant.
you will be able to achieve your financial wealth when Close High-Ticket Deals For Your Business.

If you do low-ticket Sale you can't scaleup Because you have limitations to

🤔 Work with certain number of clients,
🤔 you can work limited hours Every single day

So if you want to achieve FREEDOM you must learn sales and high ticket closing

The ONLY 2 Things You Need To Master To Create a Sustainable & Ever Profitable Online Business Is Sales & High-Ticket Closing. Best part is BOTH are covered in your Self-Investment today!!

Ready To Take Your Success To The Next Level?

Total Value You Are Getting -  ₹3,94,000/-

Regular Price - ₹30,000/-

Exclusive Limited Time Masterclass Discounted Price ₹9,997/-

₹9,997 Today

₹20,003Discount Coupon Pre-Applied )

People Are Getting Insane Results After Implementing The Strategy That We Reveal


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Total Value You Are Getting -  ₹3,94,000/-

Regular Price - ₹30,000/-

Exclusive Limited Time Masterclass Discounted Price Cash ₹9,997/-

₹7,697 Today

₹20,003/- Discount Coupon Pre-Applied )

*This is an All Inclusive Self-Investment. No Upsells or any other Investment is required.*

“To each, there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.” - Winston Churchill

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